Reporting Services includes several predefined roles to accommodate

b. If the item already has item-specific security defined for it, click New Role Assignment. 3. Type the name of a group or user account. You can specify only one account name for each role assignment. 4. Select one or more role definitions that describe how the user or group should access the item, and then click OK. 5. To determine which tasks a role definition supports, click the name of the role definition. 6. If existing role definitions are insufficient, click New Role to create a new one. Role definitions can contain either item-level or system-level tasks. You cannot combine tasks from both levels into a single role definition. Because the number of tasks that you can work with is relatively small, you typically don t need a large number of role definitions. Creating or modifying a role definition requires careful consideration. If you create too many roles, the roles become difficult to maintain and manage. If you modify an existing role, you may not know the various places in which it is used or how users will be affected by the modification. Role-based security is central to the security model of Reporting Services, and understanding its implications is important. To create a role assignment in SQL Server Management Studio, follow these steps: 1. In the Object Explorer, expand a report server node, then navigate to the item for which you want to set item-level security. 2. Right-click an item, and then click Properties. The General page of the item s Properties dialog box appears. 3. Click Permissions in the Select a Page area. 4. Select Use These Roles for each group or user account. 5. Click the Add Group or User button. The Select Users or Groups dialog box appears. 6. Type the account name of the group or user that you are creating a role assignment for, and then click OK. 7. Select one or more roles that best describe the actions that you want the user or group to be able to perform on the current item. Then click OK. Maintaining item-level security Folders in Report Manager provide the foundation for item-level security. Role assignments that you define for specific folders extend to the items in that folder and to additional folders that branch from that folder. 248 Part IV: Maintaining Your Reports

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