Chapter 13 Securing Report Server In This Chapter

Introducing the Authorization Model Reporting Services provides an authorization model, but it doesn t include an authentication component. In order for authorization to work, the underlying network security must be able to authenticate the users and groups who access the report server. Authentication is performed by the Windows operating system. Note: You can also use custom authentication if you create a security extension to support it. The security model consists of the following components: One user account or group that can be authenticated by Windows security or another authentication mechanism. Securable object such as an item object, like a report, or a system object, like a shared schedule. Role definitions that specify the set of permissible item or system tasks. Examples of role definitions include System Administrator, Content Manager, and Publisher. The combination of all these elements is characterized as a role assignment. In Reporting Services, role assignments provide the security context for items and the report server itself. The role assignment is a security policy that defines the tasks that users or groups can perform on specific items or branches of the Report Server folder hierarchy. Creating role assignments A role-based security model grants end-user access to specific operations through role membership. All users who are members of a role can perform the operations that are defined for the role. Role-based security is flexible and scalable, particularly when you use it with group accounts. You can map group accounts to role definitions, and then allow the changing membership of those groups to automatically adjust for new report users coming into the organization or moving to different positions in the organization, and other report users exiting the organization. Use role-based security to control access to folders, reports, and resources. Security settings follow an inheritance pattern through the folder structure. You can vary security at any branch to redefine user access at the item level. Role-based security works with Windows authentication. A default security model provides initial security. Security is in place when the product installs. 246 Part IV: Maintaining Your Reports

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