1. Verify that Data Transformation Services 2000 Runtime

4. Click OK. 5. Run the query by clicking Execute on the toolbar. This creates the tables you need in your RSExecutionLog table. 6. If the Report Server database that you re using as the source of your execution log data isn t named Report Server, specify the correct report server database name in the Source section of this file. If the report execution log database that you are using as the destination is not named RSExecutionLog, specify the correct report execution log database name in the Database section of this file. Save changes and close the file. 7. Extract the Report Execution Log data. Run a command prompt on the computer running SQL Server, and change directories to the directory containing the Dtsrun.exe utility by issuing this command: cd Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server90ToolsBinn 8. Run the package by typing the following at the command prompt: Dtsrun /f C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server90ToolsReporting ServicesExecution LogRSExecutionLog_Update.dts When this has completed running, you will see the message Package execution complete. 9. Refresh the Execution Log data. To update RSExecutionLog with information from the report execution log, run the RSExecutionLog_Update.dts package periodically. The DTS package appends new log entries to the existing entries. It does not remove old entries or historical data. If you don t want to save historical execution log data, you can periodically run the Cleanup.sql query on RSExecutionLog. To do this, select RSExecutionLog from the Available Databases list box on the toolbar in SQL Server Management Studio. Click File, select Open, and then click File. By default, this folder is: C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server\90ToolsReporting ServicesExecution Log Browse to the folder containing Cleanup.sql, select that file, and then click OK. Click Execute on the toolbar to run the query. 242 Part IV: Maintaining Your Reports

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