To enable My Reports using Report Manager, use

To enable My Reports using Report Manager, use the Site Settings page to set the Enable Each User to Have a My Reports Folder option. The role definition used for My Reports determines what actions are supported in the My Reports workspace. For example, if the My Reports role excludes Create Linked Reports, users cannot create linked reports in the My Reports folders. When My Reports is activated, you see a My Reports folder located under the root folder, Home. In addition to a My Reports folder, report server administrators also see a Users Folders folder that contains the subfolder for each user. While the feature is activated, Users Folders and its subfolders cannot be deleted. Furthermore, the name My Reports becomes a reserved name for folders created under the root node (Home). If you activate My Reports after it has been deactivated, the report server creates a new Users Folders folder if one does not already exist. If a Users Folders folder exists, the report server adds new subfolders as users log on to their My Reports folders. To deactivate My Reports, clear Enable Each User to Have a My Reports Folder. Deactivating My Reports removes all visible indications of the My Reports folder. The folders that provide actual storage (that is, the subfolders in Users Folders) must be deleted manually once the feature is disabled. Only users who have permission to delete folders can do so. When My Reports is deactivated, the name My Reports is no longer reserved; users can create a personal folder named My Reports under the Home folder. In addition, redirection from My Reports to user-specific My Reports subfolders is no longer performed. Lastly, any report links that include a userspecific My Reports folder in the URL address will no longer work. Administering Reporting Services Administration of a Reporting Services implementation is concerned with controlling the server settings and properties, working with trace files and execution logs to understand the operation of the Report Server, and understanding the database storage requirements of the Report Server. This section provides some interesting aspects of this topic. Applying timeouts The Report Server provides an option that I affectionately refer to as the governator. This is an option to time out the execution of a report and cancel it with a message to the end user. This governor specifies a timeout value for the limit of how system resources are used. Report Server supports two timeout values: Chapter 12: Managing and Administering Your Reports 237

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