To run Report Manager, type the Report Server

To run Report Manager, type the Report Server URL in the Address bar of a Web browser. By default, the URL is: http:///reports The home page for Report Manager is shown in Figure 12-4. In Report Manager, the root node is named Home. If you are using a browser to connect directly to a report server, the root node is the name of the report server virtual directory. From the root node, you can create additional folders to organize the reports and items you want to store. Folders provide the navigation structure and addresses of all items stored in a report server. If you click the Show Details button on the far-right side of the Report Manager home page toolbar, you can see the complete list of folders and reports with all their properties, including description, modification date, who modified it, and when it was last run. See Figure 12-5. Figure 12-5: The home page for Report Manager after clicking the Show Details button. Figure 12-4: The home page for Report Manager, with the My Reports folder enabled. Chapter 12: Managing and Administering Your Reports 231

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