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By using Reporting Services, you have many content design approaches that you can put to use because of the many elements in the report toolbox that you can use in any report. In addition, you might want to provide for ad hoc query and analysis. The ad hoc nature of asking questions, getting answers, and integrating these answers together to gain an understanding of what s really going on is what most business analysts and their managers need to do. They need the capability to ask a variety of questions and filter the report dynamically or drill down to see more detail within the underlying data. Perhaps they want to be able to jump from one view to another, with a parameter passed to the second report that shows a different view for that aspect of the initial report. Reporting Services was designed to provide these kinds of capabilities. The design surface or user interface used to create reports for Reporting Services includes a wide variety of tools that can provide just the right content to clarify the information so it s clear to your audience. For example, tabular or list reporting might be appropriate for financial analysis, but subreports could provide other views that clarify the meaning of the information reported. Charts provide for graphical views that allow the user to easily visualize trends and anomalies. Free-form reporting tools such as lists and rectangles (containers used for placing other controls that allow more free-form reporting) allow much more flexibility than ordinary banded-style (columnar reporting with little flexibility to change column spacing and subtotaling formats) reporting tools most of us have had to settle with. Providing the right security Information provided to the wrong people can lead to some huge problems. For example, if personal information from Human Resources (like your employees Social Security numbers) was available to everyone in your company as well as to your customers and prospects, this could lead to an identity theft situation and some disgruntled employees. If you provide access to information that is not appropriate for some class of business users, you could open up your company to unwanted lawsuits and other nuisance issues that could result in your own trip to your HR department. Reporting Services allows you to properly secure the information by requiring users to submit both a user ID and a password if they want to access key information sources. Proper credentials must be provided to the server for any user to gain access to any major feature of the product. Reporting Services can also limit the access and distribution based on the access group defined in Windows-based security by your network administrators. Reports with sensitive information won t appear to users who don t have proper permission. 14 Part I: Just the Basics

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