384 CHAPTER 9 IMPROVING PERFORMANCE Monitoring Exchange 2003 Once you ve established that your Windows server is running, you can move on to monitoring your Exchange 2003 components. Now, how do you know if your Exchange server is healthy? Is it OK so long as your users don t complain about slow access times to their mailboxes? Or maybe your Exchange server is doing fine as long as you are able to send and receive Internet e-mail messages. Although these may be factors in helping you determine whether the Exchange server is healthy, you shouldn t use these as guides to determine the performance and health of your Exchange 2003 server. Instead, use the Performance console and System Monitor, which allow you to track and view trends of your Exchange 2003 servers and the usage of the specific services and protocols that are enabled for the Exchange 2003 environment. Have you found a bottleneck on the system and would you like to ascertain which Exchange 2003 component is causing the most system resource usage? Again, it s time to use System Monitor. Exchange 2003 Performance Console Objects When Exchange 2003 is installed on a Windows server, more than 30 additional performance monitor objects and almost 1,000 additional counters are installed. You may use some of these objects only in rare circumstances (or never), while others may prove useful to you on a regular basis. From within the System Monitor, if you click the Performance Object drop-down list, you will get a listing of the performance objects available. Figure 9.8 shows what this list might look like. Figure 9.8 Selecting the System Monitor object to monitor Some of the objects included in Windows may also be useful when monitoring Exchangespecific technologies such as the SMTP counters. You can find a complete listing of the performance objects related to Exchange at www.somorita.com/ e2k324seven/perfobjects.doc. Not all of these performance objects will be found on all Exchange servers. Here are more detailed descriptions of the more common objects: Database Counters relate to overall database performance such as cache hits, log writes, and pages converted per second. There is a database instance for the Information Store and one for the search service.

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