MONITORING WINDOWS 2003 PERFORMANCE 383 TCP Segments Retransmitted/sec The number of TCP segments retransmitted per second as a result of network problems. In a perfect world, should be zero, but in reality, it should be less than 5% of the TCP Segments Sent/sec counter. You have a network problem. Your network is too busy or there is an unreliable link. Look at your network infrastructure to see if you can improve this. Network Segment % Network Utilization The percentage of network bandwidth used on this segment. The ideal value for this counter will vary from network type to network type, but it should be less than 30 40% on an Ethernet network. I have seen healthy switched networks run much higher. Break your network into small pieces or implement switching technology. Network Interface Output Queue Length The length of the queue for packets waiting to be transmitted. Values higher than 2 indicate a possible network bandwidth problem. Break the network into smaller pieces or implement switching. Also consider getting a faster network adapter, looking at the network adapter settings, or updating the device driver. Process % Process Time (lsass instance) Percentage of processor time that the local security authority is using. If this is a domain controller, this is the Active Directory process. On a domain controller, you can always expect to see this process using some CPU time. If it is sharing a server with Exchange, it should not use more than about 15%. If it is exceeding the amount you expect, add a processor or move some tasks to another server. System Context Switches/sec The combined rate at which all processors on the computer are switched from one thread to another. Context switches over 4000/sec might be cause for concern. If it is exceeding the amount you expect, add a processor, or move some tasks to another server. Table 9.1: Basic Counters for Monitoring Windows Performance (continued) Object Counter Explanation Desired Values How to Improve

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