156 CHAPTER 4 UNDERSTANDING EXCHANGE 2003 DATA STORAGE The Limits property page (shown in Figure 4.13) is by far the most useful of the lot. Figure 4.13 includes the defaults I recommend for most organizations. The storage limits and deleted item retention can be overridden on a per-mailbox basis. Management of information resources is important, but storage limits need to be carefully thought out so that they provide the correct level of service for your users. An important goal of IT is to provide users with an adequate place for all the necessary data to be stored, not to prevent people from storing data. Carefully consider any limits you put in place to make sure they meet your business needs. Failing to apply limits has a cost associated with it (for example, disk usage growing unchecked), but applying limits also has a cost (for example, forcing users to delete data that they may need to do their jobs effectively). The question to ask yourself is, which cost is least costly for the entire company, not for the IT department. NOTE Limits can be applied to a single mailbox store at a time, but that becomes tedious and difficult to maintain if you have to change something. In Chapter 7, Tweaking Operations, I will discuss the use of mailbox store policies to make this easier. Figure 4.13 Mailbox store Limits property page Limits that can be configured on the Limits property page include the following: Property Description Issue warning at Issues a warning stating that the mailbox has exceeded its storage limit. Prohibit send at Prohibits MAPI clients from sending or replying to messages if the mailbox exceeds this limit. This limit is not enforced for POP3 or IMAP4 clients. POP3 and IMAP4 clients send limits must be controlled through the SMTP virtual server they use to send mail. Prohibit send and receive at Causes the mailbox to reject messages until the user removes some of their messages.

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