STORES: MORE STORAGE THAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY BACK UP! 155 Properties that you assign to a particular mailbox store affect all of the mailboxes that are hosted on that particular store. Properties on the General property page include the following: On the Database property page, you can specify the following configuration options: NOTE On a server that has many mailbox or public folder stores, try to stagger the online maintenance intervals of the individual stores so that they do not all occur simultaneously. The default is between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. for all stores. But also be aware that none of the online maintenance intervals can intersect the backup of the store or any individual database. Once an online backup commences, any online maintenance that was occurring within the storage group is halted. Property Description Default public store If you have a dedicated public folder store for mailboxes that are using a particular store, don t forget to assign the default public folder store. Offline address list Assigning an offline address list if one other than the default will be used. Address lists must be created in the Recipients Offline Address Lists container. Offline address books can be assigned individually for a few users; OABs alone are not a good reason to create multiple mailbox stores. Archive all messages sent or received by mailboxes on this store This is the equivalent of the Exchange 5.5 message journaling feature, except that in Exchange 2003 this feature can be turned on or off for each mailbox store, rather than for each server as in Exchange 5.5. Clients support S/MIME signatures Specifies that this mailbox store will allow S/MIME signatures. If this check box is cleared, then the S/MIME signature is stripped from the message. This is turned on by default. Display plain-text messages in a fixedsized font Converts the font for plain-text messages to a fixed-width font. This is turned off by default. Property Description Exchange database Specifies the location of the rich-text store (EDB) database file Exchange streaming database Specifies the location of the native content (STM) database file Maintenance interval Specifies the interval during which online maintenance is performed Do not mount this store at start-up Prevents this particular store from being mounted when the information store service is started This database can be overwritten by a restore Prevents the information store from mounting the database if it detects that the store was restored from an offline restore. This setting has no effect on online restores

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