152 CHAPTER 4 UNDERSTANDING EXCHANGE 2003 DATA STORAGE storage groups. In other words, if you have four storage groups, you can run only one restore. If you have three storage groups, you can run two simultaneous restore operations. . A maximum of four storage groups can be created on any Exchange 2003 server. This limit is enforced because current hardware platforms cannot adequately support the RAM requirements that more than four storage groups would place on the hardware. WARNING Backing up a single store in a storage group halts online maintenance on all stores in the storage group. For most Exchange servers supporting fewer than 1,500 mailboxes, there will not be a need to create additional storage groups. You may need to create additional storage groups if the following is true: . You have five stores in the first storage group and need more. . You have a store, such as a public folder store, that requires circular logging. . You have a service-level agreement (SLA) that may require that certain mailbox data from different stores be backed up or restored simultaneously or on different schedules. . You need to create a store that will not be affected by the possible failure of another store in a storage group. NOTE Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003 support four storage groups per server. Each storage group can have up to five stores (mailbox or public). Creating Storage Groups Any administrator with the Exchange Administrator role can create additional storage groups. Simply right-click the server name on which you want to create a new storage group, choose New Storage Group, and enter the name of the storage group. In Figure 4.11, you can see a newly created storage group called Executives and Managers SG. The System Path Location will contain the checkpoint file (in this case, E01.CHK); the System Path Location took the default path (using the default Exchange location and the full storage group name). I modified the Transaction Log Location entry to demonstrate that it is probably simpler to choose your own directory names. I find simpler directory names easier to navigate if I ever have to do a repair. Figure 4.11 A newly created storage group

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