374 CHAPTER 9 IMPROVING PERFORMANCE Figure 9.1 Performance property page of the Task Manager The most useful items, for me at least, on the Performance property page are the memory statistics. Under the Commit Charge section, the Total statistic indicates the total amount of virtual memory that is currently committed for use. The Available statistic indicates the total amount that is actually available; this is the amount of RAM plus the current page file size. The Peak is the total amount of RAM that has been required. A sure sign that a server requires more memory is when the Peak or the Total statistics are near the Limit statistic. A sure sign of an impending problem is when the Peak statistic is near the Limit statistic and the Limit statistic is at the maximum size of the page file. The Processes property page is the other interesting place you will find fun and exciting information about a server s performance. The first step I usually take is to click the Mem Usage column heading so that I can sort by the memory usage of each service. You can see this in Figure 9.2; I have even added a couple columns (click View Select Columns to do this) for your enjoyment. I also increased the size of the Task Manager just a bit so that the additional columns would be viewable. Figure 9.2 The Task Manager Processes property page

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