UNDERSTANDING OWA 2003 817 Figure 21.8 Home Directory

CHANGING OWA FEATURES THROUGH THE REGISTRY 819 You can further restrict this by defining a REG_SZ Registry value called AcceptedAttachment FrontEnds and entering the list of front-end servers that will allow attachments. Blocking Attachment Types By default, Outlook Web Access blocks all Level 1 attachments. (Level 1 versus Level 2 attachments are discussed in Chapter 17, Securing Exchange Server 2003. ) At the top of the Outlook Web Access message form, you will either see a message indicating Access to the Following Potentially Unsafe Attachments Has Been Blocked if the attachment is considered a Level 1 attachment or Attachments Can Contain Viruses That May Harm Your Computer. Attachments may not display correctly if it is considered a Level 2 attachment (see Figure 21.10). Figure 21.10 OWA warning of a potentially dangerous attachment (a Level 2 attachment) A Level 1 attachment cannot be opened nor saved, but a Level 2 attachment can be saved. Via Registry settings, you can remove an attachment from the Level 1 or Level 2 attachment list, or you can add attachments to the Level 1 or Level 2 attachment list. By default, all Level 1 attachments are also in the Level 2 attachment list. Outlook Web Access 2003 defines four types of attachments: two types of Level 1 attachments and two types of Level 2 attachments. There are regular file attachments and MIME types. The following Registry keys are preexisting on an OWA 2003 server: . Level1FileTypes . Level1MIMETypes . Level2FileTypes . Level2MIMETypes All four of these Registry keys are REG_SZ Registry keys. WARNING Do not demote dangerous file types unless you know exactly what you are doing and you are sure these file types will not be harmful to your organization. Changing the Default Folder List Later in this chapter, I will cover how to configure an individual user so they see only certain folders or features of their mailbox. This feature is often called OWA segmentation and is handy in a

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