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Chapter 9 Improving Performance If you think you are experiencing a memory leak, please be aware that memory leaks may not be what they appear to be. You may discover that a memory leak is really not a memory leak but a performance enhancement. Microsoft Knowledge Base article 268343, How to Use Umdh.exe to Find Memory Leaks As with any other software, providing good performance is one of the keys to the successful deployment of Exchange 2003. E-mail is the number-one form of electronic communication in corporations today, and it is one of the most commonly used productivity applications used. So when performance on a server that supports mailboxes drops significantly (maybe it takes 10 seconds to open a mail message), what will your users report? And how will it affect their work? If one of your Exchange servers were to become unavailable, how many support calls would your help desk receive in the first five minutes? What would happen if your entire Exchange organization became unavailable? Would you just have a prerecorded message at the help desk to handle all the calls that would be flooding in? Because of the amount of communication that flows through a mail system, people have become so dependant on their messaging environments that it is one of the most crucial services in an organization. In many cases, loss of messaging can stop business processes and interfere with the bottom line. The key to ensuring that your mail systems stay up and running is making sure both your Windows environment and your Exchange server are healthy. What is a healthy Windows or Exchange server? Everyone will probably have a unique perspective on this, but my definition includes the following criteria: . During the busiest times of the day, the Exchange server should be able to provide MAPI clients with the ability to open and display small messages (less than 10KB) in less than two seconds. . The server should provide reasonable room for growth without adversely affecting users. . Free/busy information should be current. . Public folder content should be current and easily retrieved. . External e-mail (to the Internet) should be available 99 percent of the time. . Server-to-server e-mail should be delivered within one minute.

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