Only closing the conversation window sends the SIP

Only closing the conversation window sends the SIP BYE method, so even if User 1 and User 2 have their conversation windows open from a day ago, it will still be lumped under the original CALLER ID record, but you will also see the difference in time stamps. In addition, note that by design, every eight hours the client will re-sign in. This does not initiate a SIP BYE method either. . What if my client hibernates during this period? In this case, hibernation equals a SIP BYE method and the conversation ends. Any new messages are stored under a new CALLER ID record. . What happens if User 1 is set to be archived and User 2 is set to not be archived because of reasons such as international privacy laws? In the current version of the LCS IM Archiving Service, if User 1 is messaging with User 2, then the message is not archived even if User 1 is set to be archived. Aproposed change in the next version of LCS would change that behavior, and User 1 s side of the conversation would be logged. . What reports can I use to show archived IM messages? With LCS, there is not a solution to provide a search or reporting of archived instant messages from the IM Archiving database. To remedy this, my team at Connected Innovation, www, has developed a solution called LCSpy. This tool will enable you to query the IM Archiving database based on keywords, dates, or sign-in names, and it includes capabilities for exporting to Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel document formats. Figure 9-3 shows the IM Archiving query page. Figure 9-3 203 Troubleshooting

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