LCS Diagnostics Tool The LCS Diagnostics tool (LCSDiag.exe)

LCS Diagnostics Tool The LCS Diagnostics tool (LCSDiag.exe) is probably the best utility in the resource kit. I use this tool on a regular basis for testing a configuration of an LCS infrastructure, as well as to simulate client connectivity tests before I add any users to the environment. This tool is also useful when debugging an LCS deployment for common occurrences such as users not being able to log in. Figure 9-6 shows the Live Communications Diagnostics Console. Figure 9-6 Certificate Request Tool If you still do not understand how to request and configure certificates for LCS servers after reading this book, do not fear! The LCS Resource Kit includes a nifty utility called the Certificate Request tool. This utility eases the pain of requesting a certificate for an LCS server by naming the certificate correctly and embedding the required properties of the certificate for its use. Figure 9-7 shows a snapshot of the Certificate Request tool. LCS Ping Utility The LCS Ping utility is useful for checking the connectivity of an LCS server. With simple commands, you can confirm that the LCS server you have deployed can be accessed through the network. 206 Chapter 9

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