Using LcsCmd.exe with CreateLcsOuPermissions In a locked down

Using LcsCmd.exe with CreateLcsOuPermissions In a locked down environment, one of the options for creating the necessary rights on an organizational unit level is to use LcsCmd.exe with the CreateLcsOuPermissions switch. The following paragraphs demonstrate how to do that. If you are unsure whether the permissions are set correctly or not, you can use the CheckLcsOuPermissions switch to check that. Following is the syntax for the CreateLcsOuPermissions switch: LcsCmd.exe /domain [:{FQDN}] /action:CreateLcsOuPermissions /ou: /objectType: [/refdomain: ] The following table describes the parameters used with the CreateLcsOuPermissions action: Parameters Required? Usage /ou:{distinguishedname} Yes Indicates the container for which permissions should be created. This is the container in which inheritance is disabled or authenticated user permission is removed the so-called locked down container. /objectType:{User | Yes Indicates the type of objects stored in the container InetOrgPerson | and for which you want to create permissions Computer | Contact} /refdomain:{FQDN} Optional This action gives permissions on the container to that same domain s Live Communications Server groups. If you specify /refdomain:, then this action overrides the default by giving permissions on the container to the specified domain s Live Communications Server groups instead of the domain where the container is located. Example: LcsCmd.exe /domain /action:CreateLcsOuPermissions /ou: OU=Dept1Users,OU=UsersOU /objectType:user The following guidelines describe some prerequisites and notes: . You have to be logged on to the computer using Domain Admins credentials for the domain with the organizational unit containers that will receive permissions. . Verify that this task was successful by running the CheckLcsOuPermissions command-line switch. . Alternatively, you could verify that this task was successful by checking the HTML log files that were created by LcsCmd.exe; the final result has to be Success. This part of Chapter 9 should have helped you to find the right tools and ways to implement Microsoft Live Communications Server in a locked-down environment. You should have all the information you need to set permissions correctly and continue with your installation. 200 Chapter 9

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