. Remote users are unable to connect even

. Remote users are unable to connect even though everything seems to be set up correctly with LCS. Make sure the right ports are open on the firewall. The default port for TLS is 5061; for TCP it is 5060. Try to run the Diagnostic Client simulation test within the LCS Diagnostic tool, described later in this chapter. The test will provide you with a good snapshot of what is causing the connectivity issues. . I am trying to troubleshoot the connection between MOC and LCS. Where do I start? Enable client-side logging via regedit HKEY_Current_UserSoftwareMicrosoftTracing RTCDLL. Use Network Monitor or Siplogger (LCS 2003 Resource Kit) on the server to follow the traffic and see what is happening. . Why can t I send files, use audio/video, or enable data collaboration within Communicator when I am connected remotely? Audio/video communication, data collaboration with whiteboard, and file transfer are all peerto- peer sessions that do not run through an LCS server environment. When you are connecting remotely, your client is sending instant messages through your LCS environment remotely, but all of these additional sessions are run over the TCP stack. You need to use a virtual private network (VPN) to enable these features when on the road. . Why can t I use Group Instant Messaging as I could with IBM Sametime? Group IM did not make it into the current version of Live Communications Server 2005 SP1. This feature is scheduled for the next version. In the meantime, you can create groups in your Communicator client and then IM the entire group by clicking on the group name. . What is the difference between remote call control (RCC) and Voice over IP (VoIP)? RCC is used for Communicator control over a PBX system line (dial-tone). Using RCC, you can control your PBX phone as you would on the phone itself. With VoIP, you are connecting over the Internet using a PSTN service to establish an RTP media session. . Why can t I initiate an outbound call using Communicator? This is probably due to a bad configuration of your LCS environment s connection to a PSTN or PBX service. LCS requires a gateway between any PSTN or PBX system that is non SIP-compliant. Check with your LCS administrator to ensure that your LCS environment is configured appropriately. . I am unable to send hyperlinks through MOC. What could be the problem? Hyperlinks are not always recommended within a Live Communications Server environment. If you need to enable hyperlinks to be sent to each client, use the following steps: 1. Set the policy for Communicator to allow URLs to be clickable. 2. In the Windows registry editor, edit the following key to match the following settings: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftCommunicatorEnableUrl 3. Make sure that the IMFilter.am on the server is not configured to block URLs in messages. If you use the GPO, Undefined is the same as Disabled, so you must explicitly allow URLs in Communicator. 197 Troubleshooting

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