Microsoft has provided a Live Communications Server 2005

Microsoft has provided a Live Communications Server 2005 Enterprise and Standard Edition Quick Start Guide that provides comprehensive information to enable a timely install. In our experience, an LCS environment can be set up, assuming that all software, hardware, network, and security components are enabled, in several hours if provided with an account with autonomous control. Such an installation would encompass only 20,000 users or less. Mobile Communications Communicator Mobile, known by its nickname CoMo, enables mobile operatives and vehicle transports with the power of unified communications on the go. As Microsoft has entered into automotive technology solutions, LCS client applications can be easily implemented within a mobile transport. This solution would coincide with the development of a mobile client, but would also include an integrated display panel to provide a user interface and input devices. Enabling LCS within a mobile transport provides secure Instant Messaging, audio, telephony, and video communications that are both monitored and archived. This solution provides a definitive solution for mobile and covert operations. Scenarios that include military raids, searches and rescues, target identifications, and other covert operations are greatly enhanced using Live Communications Server 2005. Enabling secured Instant Messaging, and audio and video communications, provides a better communications capability to both the base and field operators. Summary This chapter described several enterprise deployment lessons that have been learned from real-world scenarios. It also covered new ideas and concepts for implementing Live Communications Server 2005 SP1 in different environments, and various solutions were offered for challenging deployments. It also examined migrating from existing enterprise Instant Messaging platforms. In the next chapter, you will look at troubleshooting tasks within Live Communications Server 2005 SP1. 193 Enterprise Implementation Lessons Learned

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