Microsoft has provided a Live Communications Server 2005

namespace that LCS is deployed within, you can create a listing of this alternate namespace within the LCS Forest Global Settings. If these are users from another domain altogether and they are trying to connect into a centrally deployed LCS environment, you can either use an LCS director to route these users and/or deploy a new certificate on each LCS server and modify this new certificate s subject alternative name (SAN) to include the additional domains you are supporting. More information on the SAN field of a certificate can be found in Chapter 4. . Why are users unable to communicate with their contacts that are hosted on another LCS server? This problem is usually related to TLS configuration. When you deploy more than one LCS server within an environment, you must enable an MTLS connection entry so that these servers can communicate with one another. MTLS, as described in Chapter 4, provides mutual authentication between servers. Please ensure that you have created an MTLS connection, as described in Chapter 4, on each LCS server in your environment. . Why can t I see the presence of my contacts when everyone is signed in? Usually this is attributed to network connectivity issues. Make sure that your Active Directory domain controller is functioning properly, that you can connect to your LCS servers without delayed responses, and that you have configured DNS correctly, as described in Chapter 4. If each of these settings has been correctly configured and you are using LCS Enterprise Edition with a hardware load balancer, ensure that the load balancer has been configured properly. Sometimes the load balancer is not set up correctly between LCS EE pool servers, which can cause SIP messages to disconnect, such as the BENOTIFY method, which is used for presence awareness. . What should I do when the LCS service does not start after activation? First, verify that the LCS service is running. Then, start looking for errors in activation logs and the Windows Server Application event log. Try connecting to the DB using the service account credentials and make sure no one has altered any of the permissions. . I don t seem to have enough privileges in Active Directory. Make sure that your account is a member of RTCDomainServerAdmins; and if you just ran DomainPrep, log off and log on again. This is required in order for Domain Prep granted permissions to take effect. . I am trying to deploy in a multi-forest environment and the trusts do not seem to work using Kerberos. In order for a Kerberos trust between forests to work correctly, both forests must be in Windows Server 2003 native mode. If one or both forests are running in Windows 2000 Server mixed mode, you must use NTLM as the authentication protocol. . I can t sign in with Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 with automatic configuration. This is usually related to a missing DNS host A record for the LCS server or pool; a missing DNS SRV record, as mentioned in Chapter 4; or a misconfigured TLS certificate. Please check DNS to ensure that you have a valid DNS host A record and SRV records matching what we outlined in Chapter 4, as well as a properly configured certificate infrastructure, also covered in Chapter 4. 196 Chapter 9

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