Microsoft has provided a Live Communications Server 2005

Troubleshooting This chapter provides useful troubleshooting information related to Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 SP1 and Communicator 2005. It includes a series of commonly asked questions and material that I and my co-authors believe is necessary to understand in order to deploy LCS and Communicator in a real-world environment, rather than a lab. Additional resource material is provided toward the end of this chapter, including a list of website links for obtaining support for LCS and Communicator online. General Troubleshooting (FAQs) Following are a few commonly asked questions specifically related to the configuration of Live Communications Server and Microsoft Office Communicator: . The Create Pool process fails when I try to complete the command. Why? This is usually due to SQL Server connectivity. You should run Create Pool on the SQL Server itself or on an LCS server that has the SQL Server DMO files installed on it. Also make sure that you have appropriate permissions to create these databases on the SQL Server itself. . Why can t I complete Prep Schema? This is usually due to Active Directory permissions. Prep Schema requires a user to have write permissions on the Active Directory schema to complete the task. Ensure that you have either Enterprise Administrator rights or write permissions to the schema. These are not commonly given out lightly in enterprise environments. . How can users with alternate login IDs/SIP URIs connect to my LCS environment? You can allow users who have alternate SIP URIs to connect to an LCS environment in a couple of different ways. If they are users within the same Active Directory domain and they have an e-mail alias that they want to use as their SIP URI that differs from the SIP

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