lcsimpac.wsf Last but not least, this script is

lcsimpac.wsf Last but not least, this script is used to convert the users Exchange IM permissions to their equivalent Live Communications Server presence permissions. It migrates the contacts to their respective LCS server. The Exchange IM access control lists (ACLs) are retrieved from Active Directory, and the users contacts from the files generated earlier by lcsmon.wsf. To run the script you must be logged on with Domain Administrator rights or be in the RTCDomainUserAdmins group. The script must run on a Standard Edition Server or on the Enterprise Edition pool back-end database. Further Information For further details on how to migrate users from Exchange IM to Live Communications Server, and for a more detailed view of the scripts that can be used, refer to the Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 SP1 Resource Kit in the subfolder called Migration. The Live Communications Server 2005 SP1 Resource Kit can be found on the Microsoft LCS web site, at Implementing LCS for Military and Private Sector Environments The purpose of this section is to provide guidance for the implementation of Live Communications Server for military and private sector use. The following topics are covered: . Satellite connectivity . Locate and communicate-Mapping Solutions . Protecting communications . Archiving communications . Deploying LCS for a limited duration . Mobile communications . Mobile clients . LCS within military transport . LCS for covert operations While policy will determine the ability to deploy LCS in the manner discussed in this section, this material provides an overview of how secured Instant Messaging can be a preferred communication tool for military and private sector operations. Deploying the appropriate devices and secured protocols will enable special forces and individual operations to be completed without compromising the security of the operation. 190 Chapter 8

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