To help you get started, I have created

To help you get started, I have created an LCS Architecture Guide and Design Guide template so that you can merely fill in the blanks. Both guides are available on my blog site at If you are working with an organization in which the top-level DNS servers are running Unix, you need to supply the team with a set of instructions for creating the required DNS SRV records to support clients logging in with automatic configuration. The following table outlines which SRV records are required in your external-facing DNS servers running on Unix to allow Communicator 2005 to connect to the LCS environment: LCS Use Protocol Type Example of DNS SRV Record Client Application External TLS _SIP._TLS.COMPANY.COM Both Federation TLS _SIPFEDERATIONTLS._TCP.COMPANY.COM Communicator Usually within an enterprise environment, a mix of operating systems also resides on the desktop. With the recent popularity of Linux, many customers raise concerns that they cannot reach every desktop. Linux is out there and running as well as Apple OS X. To provide LCS access to the rebels in each enterprise, Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 Web Access (CWA) is the solution. CWA is a web-based and lightweight version of Communicator that is platform independent. The only requirement on the desktop is that a client has access to a web browser. IT Security Like the Capital One credit card commercials with David Spade, the automatic answer provided by any enterprise IT security administrator is no! When deploying LCS within an enterprise environment, it is important to supply the appropriate security administrators with all of the nuts and bolts of LCS from a client and server perspective. The most common concern of security administrators regarding LCS is related to the opening of ports that enable communication between LCS clients, and between clients and servers. The following table outlines the ports that are used by Communicator for specific features of the product: Service UDP Port Use TCP Port Use TLS Port Use LCS Client to Server 5060 5061 LCS Server to Server 5061 (MTLS) Audio/Video 5004-65535 Application Sharing, Whiteboard, T.120 Protocol 1503 Voice (PC to PC) 6901 6901 Remote Assistance 3389 File Transfer 6891-6900 181 Enterprise Implementation Lessons Learned

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