Extending the Active Directory Schema Every LCS consultant

3. The Live Communications Server Global Properties window will open, as shown in Figure 8-3. Figure 8-3 4. In the Domains section, the default LCS domain is automatically listed. To support multiple domains or alternate SIP URIs, such as in the example used earlier for user@company2.com, you must enter the alias into this list. 5. To add additional aliases, click the Add button. The Add SIP Domain dialog will open. 6. Enter the alias and click the OK button (see Figure 8-4). Figure 8-4 7. The alias will be added to the SIP Domains list (refer to Figure 8-3). Click the OK button to finish. Deploying LCS in a Multi-Operating System Environment Deploying LCS within a 100 percent Windows Operating System environment simply rocks! Unfortunately, in every enterprise environment in which my colleagues and I have deployed LCS, there is a mix of Linux, Unix, Windows, and custom operating systems. Additionally, when DNS records need to be deployed, large organizations and military companies run Unix to manage DNS records. In these circumstances, engaging team members can be difficult, and documentation to connect all the moving pieces is scarce. Lessons learned here include identifying the complete network architecture that will support or interface with your LCS deployment. Make a list of every component and the details of each component to build the necessary team of individuals and resources to engage in the deployment process. If you don t, you will lose a lot of time. In addition, your customer may lack confidence in your inability to correctly scope your deployment. 180 Chapter 8

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