6. Scroll down to select Service Location (SRV).

6. Scroll down to select Service Location (SRV). 7. Click the Create Record button. 8. The New Resource Record window will open, as shown in Figure 4-9. Figure 4-9 9. In the Service field, type _SIPINTERNALTLS. 10. Leave the Protocol field as _TCP and enter the protocol port as 5061. 11. In the Host offering this service field, enter the name of the host. 12. Click OK. Deploying LCS in Multiple Domains While most LCS deployments for single domains are accomplished in labs and proof of concept environments, in the real world most organizations have multiple domain name spaces due to separation of entities, purpose of the domain (test, development, production, and so on), or for security reasons. Using an LCS director, you can support multiple SIP URIs and multiple domains for automatic configuration using the Certificate Subject Alternative Name. The Subject Alternative Name is a field property of the certificate that can be set when ordering your certificate and completing the certificate provisioning process. Figure 4-10 shows a sample certificate with the Subject Alternative Name. 80 Chapter 4

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