6. Scroll down to select Service Location (SRV).

Understanding Live Communications Server 2005 GPO Settings Client management and meeting client management goals as set forth by the executive and managing sponsor(s) supporting the LCS investment are perhaps some of the more complex tasks that an administrator will have to perform. Through the Group Policy feature of Active Directory, and through the administration template, rtcclient.adm, included in LCS 2005 with SP1, this process greatly reduces the need to go desktop to desktop to meet some of the requirements. Additionally, Microsoft Office Communicator comes with its own template, communicator.adm. In this section, the configuration settings of the default rtcclient.adm file are covered at a high level. This template can be applied to either the local system policy, through GPEdit.msc, or through an Active Directory Group Policy object. Because this chapter focuses on Active Directory, this section concentrates on utilizing the Active Directory Group Policy Object Editor to leverage the administrative changes allowed through the administration template and your organization s investment in Active Directory and Live Communications Server 2005 with Service Pack 1. If your organization has implemented the Group Policy Management Console, the steps to creating a GPO are similar. At the end of the section, a brief example of this is included. In instances where resource forests are used, the Group Policy object needs to be configured in the same domain in which the workstation and user account are located. If the workstation is not a member of a domain, Group Policy will not be applied for either the user configuration settings or the computer configuration settings. Using the rtcclient.adm Administrative Template The rtcclient.adm template that will be reviewed in this section is included as part of LCS 2005 with Service Pack 1. This is the default template used for administering Windows Messenger 5.x clients within the Active Directory environment. The rtcclient.adm administrative template is installed in the %windir%inf directory when either LCS 2005 Enterprise or Standard Edition is installed on a server, and when the LCS 2005 administration tools are installed on a workstation or server. Generally this directory is C:windowsinf or C:winntinf. This section begins with a table listing the settings associated with this template. After a description of the settings, the section provides a brief description of what the template feature allows the administrator to perform. The Computer Configuration Settings modify policy registry keys and registry values in the following path: HKEY_Local_Machine SoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftMessengerClient Likewise, the User Configuration Settings modify policy registry keys and registry values in the following path: HKEY_Current_User SoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftMessengerClient 82 Chapter 4

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