6. Scroll down to select Service Location (SRV).

Figure 4-10 You may already be familiar with the Common Name or Friendly Name of a certificate. If not, it s the primary name of the certificate. The client using a defined SIP URI such as user@company2.com using autoconfig is looking for a DNS matching record of company1.com. The same goes for user@company3 .com and user@company4.com. However, suppose that the primary use of this LCS deployment is for user@company.com and this type of convoluted deployment is going to leverage one LCS environment for these multiple domains, SIP namespaces, and SIP URIs. In this case, you set the certificate for your LCS director s TLS listening address port of 5061. Apply the certificate with a Server Authentication EKU and a common/friendly name of lcs.company.com (which matches the DNS host record for this entry). Then, in the Subject Alternative Name field, re-enter the original name or lcs.company.com and enter your company2.com, company3.com, and company4.com entries. Then you are set and can enable multiple SIP URIs and namespaces for one entry, one port. LCS DNS Best Practices The following items highlight DNS best practices when deploying LCS: . Deploy LCS within a central or resource forest if available. Having a solid and controlled, centrally managed infrastructure will speed up the deployment process. . Choose a simple SIP URI. The SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) is the ID that your users will use to log in to Communicator or Windows Messenger 5.1. Using the organization s e-mail address is the most common choice for the SIP URI and results in easier deployment of DNS host A records. . Always verify your records before you install and deploy LCS. Make sure that you have the appropriate DNS host A records and SRV records applied. 81 Preparing Your Environment for Live Communications Server 2005

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