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Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2005 Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2005 is part of the Office system and Unified Communications (UC) suite of products. There has been a ton of public media around Live Meeting with television commercials and the product s exposure on the NBC show The Apprentice. Who better to market your product than Donald Trump, eh? The media showcased the product s capability to reduce travel and increase productivity through the use of online meeting technology that provides PowerPoint presentations to the masses across firewalls in order to offer training, support, marketing awareness, and many more presentation options. With Live Meeting s tight integration with Communicator, LCS, and now Microsoft Office 2003, including add-in toolbars, setting up a meeting takes seconds. Compare that to the time required to set up a conference bridge and upload presentations. Additional time savings result from enabling this from your home or wherever an Internet connection is available. With Live Meeting, you can upload your presentations, provide audio conference calls, record meetings, provide training and live demonstrations, and enrich your presentations with the real-time features such as live questionand- answer sessions. The Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2005 console is depicted in Figure 3-8. Figure 3-8 59 Microsoft Office Integration
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