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Better Together Scenario This section illustrates how real-time collaboration is realized within Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint Portal Server 2003, and integration with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. The purpose of this imaginary scenario is to give you an understanding of how to use UC products as a part of your daily routine to build an understanding of true collaboration. This scenario demonstrates how a marketing manager named Davis will work with his product management team to market a new solution to his customers. To start, Davis needs to build marketing collateral so he decides to build a presentation that he will use in a meeting session where he will show his customers the new features of his company s product. Davis opens Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 and builds slides that include a marketing message and product specifications. Unfortunately, Davis does not know all of the important technical specifications that he needs to complete his presentation. He opens Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 to find his product marketing manager, Paige. Because Paige is in Davis contact list and her status is set to online, Davis sends an instant message to Paige requesting the information he needs to build his presentation. Paige responds that her colleague, Bailey, developed a specification document, which is available for review on the company s intranet portal. Paige sends Davis the link to the SharePoint Portal website where the document is stored. Davis visits the site and finds the document within the site s document library. This entire process takes only three minutes. Davis opens the document from within the portal, where he is able to view it. Unfortunately, the document is extremely long and he only needs a bit of information. Luckily, Davis is using Microsoft Office Word 2003, which has the Office 2003 shared workspace. Within the Members tab of the shared workspace to the right of the document is a list of site members, which includes Bailey. This is great, because Bailey is not in Davis contact list, so he doesn t have to spend time finding her contact details to communicate with her. Davis notices that Bailey is online so he sends her an instant message from within the shared workspace. Bailey responds immediately and Davis messages that he needs her assistance navigating the document to find the information he needs. Bailey opens the document sharing feature and shows Davis where to find the information. Davis thanks Bailey, closes the session, and then copies the information out of the Word document and pastes it into the PowerPoint presentation he is developing. He closes the Word document and then finishes his presentation. Now, using the PowerPoint presentation he created, Davis is ready to schedule an online meeting to present to his customers the new product that his company is releasing. He opens Microsoft Outlook 2003 and uses the Live Meeting 2005 toolbar to set up a Live Meeting session. Automatically, the meeting details are created, and all Davis has to do now is add his customers e-mail addresses to the attendee list. Davis sends out the Live Meeting request to his customers, which is one hour from the current time. Davis puts his game face on, gears up for the presentation, and then logs into Live Meeting to attend the meeting. He decides to use Communicator as his phone for the call and dials into the Live Meeting session. Once in the meeting, Davis customers show up one after another to the meeting. He begins the meeting by introducing himself and the agenda. During this time, one of his customers sends him an instant message using his AOL IM application. Even though the customer is not a Communicator user, Davis can communicate with him because he is federated through Public Instant Messaging Connectivity (PIC). The message informs Davis that he needs to be prepared to answer detailed technical questions regarding the product. Alarmed, Davis realizes that he needs to bring in Paige or Bailey to assist. He quickly adds Paige and Bailey to his Communicator session and asks them both if they can join the conference. Luckily, Paige and Bailey are both available. From within Communicator, Davis clicks on the Live Meeting invite feature and the meeting details are sent to Paige and Bailey automatically. This short exchange saved both time and grief. With everyone now in the meeting together, Paige, Bailey, 61 Microsoft Office Integration
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