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Another powerful feature of Live Meeting is remote desktop. I can t count the number of times I have worked with colleagues and customers in supporting their LCS deployments by having the local engineer log in to Live Meeting and allow me to review and correct LCS settings within a test, pilot, or production environment to get an LCS service up and running. The remote control feature within Live Meeting provides this functionality across firewalls and only takes seconds to set up using the Meet Now feature. The integration with LCS and Communicator enables you to initiate a Live Meeting session within Communicator with one click. This feature is useful when you are having a video, voice, or Instant Messaging conversation and need to share a presentation or remote desktop. Within Communicator, all you have to do is click the Live Meeting option in the Communicator menu and you are ready to go with a Live Meeting session and conference call bridge. Figure 3-9 illustrates how to start a Live Meeting session from the Communicator 2005 client. Figure 3-9 60 Chapter 3
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