Figure 3-5 Real-world examples of productivity gains in

Figure 3-5 Real-world examples of productivity gains in organizations that have deployed LCS abound. For instance, I have worked with enterprise energy trading firms that have deployed LCS, and their commodity traders noticed immediate value because they spend most of their time working within Excel to review pricing and other tasks. Having the capability to contact a colleague, customer, or buyer directly within Excel saved at least five minutes for every occasion that required finding the appropriate contact related to a particular deal. Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 Everyone knows how long it takes to build a nice presentation and make it accurate, and Microsoft has helped streamline that process by adding presence and the capability to schedule Live Meeting sessions directly from Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003. You are now able to actually share your presentation with your team members and make modifications to it while they watch. Image the time that this feature can save you by avoiding the need to e-mail the presentation back and forth to make sure it is correct or make minor changes. 56 Chapter 3
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