Figure 3-2 Also within Microsoft Office Outlook 2003,

Figure 3-4 Microsoft Word 2003 becomes a lot more powerful when you are able to use all of the additional features of Communicator shown in Figure 3-4. Notice the options you have for contacting the owner of the document via phone, Instant Messaging, text messaging on a mobile device, or e-mail. If your work would progress more quickly within a meeting, you have the capability right within Word 2003 to start a Live Meeting session. The capability to share the document in a meeting enables you to make edits while you are discussing them with the other meeting attendees, bypassing the need to circulate the document later and wait for it to come back before making your changes and verifying them. Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Whether you are creating a budget analysis, running statistical analysis, or simply reviewing spreadsheets, the integrated features provided within Microsoft Office Excel 2003 will save you an incredible amount of time by enabling direct access to your contacts. This integration offers many of the same features offered in Word, such as the capability to schedule meetings, Instant Messaging, and e-mail. Additionally, each row in the spreadsheet holds a name within it and offers options for contacting the individual. Figure 3-5, which depicts how Communicator is integrated within Microsoft Excel with Office 2003 SP 2, demonstrates Excel s capability to function as a complete office collaboration tool. 55 Microsoft Office Integration
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