Figure 3-2 Also within Microsoft Office Outlook 2003,

Figure 3-3 Microsoft Office Word 2003 After hours of reading and responding to e-mail, actual work has to be done. In my case, I write a lot of documentation, courseware, and contracts. When creating contracts, I usually need the assistance of my business partner and co-founder of my company to ensure that each contract is within our guidelines. Before Communicator and LCS, I had to find my partner s phone number or send him an e-mail to contact him regarding the document. Now, using Communicator and LCS, I can contact my partner directly within Microsoft Office Word 2003. With direct LCS integration, I can type the name of my partner within the document and have his name light up with the Communicator presence icon and menu or I can leverage the new Office shared workspace, available in Office 2003. With the shared workspace, I can contact anyone who is associated with this document if it is published within a SharePoint website. The great thing about using this feature is that I don t lose my train of thought or my place in the document while trying to contact a colleague. I can directly communicate with them whenever I am stuck on an issue or need assistance with it. Figure 3-4 depicts the LCS and Communicator integration within Microsoft Word 2003 with Office 2003 Service Pack 2. 54 Chapter 3
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