Figure 2-3 Summary This chapter contained a high-level

Figure 2-3 Summary This chapter contained a high-level look at how to approach introducing Live Communications Server to the enterprise by providing examples of the selling and deployment process, including a competitive analysis. As a consultant in the field and a Microsoft MVP, I have worked with several Fortune 500 and Global 1000 customers. The customers I have assisted in providing migration strategies and UC consulting services have assisted me in providing this information to other organizations that are faced with making sound decisions about which platform they should invest in for their companies. In my professional opinion, Microsoft has proven to be the only quality solution with investment opportunity in the marketplace today. A number of other organizations such as Google, Yahoo, AOL, and Skype have made recent moves to develop enterprise-ready communications applications, but the investment is nowhere close to where Microsoft is headed: real-time connectivity, available anytime and anywhere. 50 Chapter 2
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