Figure 2-3 Summary This chapter contained a high-level

With calendar integration, the Communicator 2005 client not only shows when you are offline, online, away, busy, and so on, but also displays in a Meeting status, as shown in Figure 3-1. Figure 3-1 The Out of Office option, as shown in Figure 3-2, indicates to contacts who are trying to reach you that you are currently unavailable. When someone can determine that you are in a meeting or otherwise unavailable, they don t have to waste anyone s time trying to contact you. Knowing when and when not to contact someone still takes a little educating, but we re getting there with Instant Messaging etiquette. Within Microsoft Outlook, you can communicate with your contacts directly by clicking a contact s name and using communication features available to you within Communicator, such as sending an instant message, calling them on one of their published phone numbers, as well as setting up a Live Meeting conference and conference call. Figure 3-3 displays the menu available to you when you click on a contact s name within Outlook 2003, with Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 2. 52 Chapter 3
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