Activity Details Estimated Schedule Overview presentation 100 200 level

Activity Details Estimated Schedule Overview presentation 100 200 level overview 1 hour Live meeting or on-site meeting LCS features and components Demonstration (client) Pricing (EA licensing discussion) Technical deep dive 300 400 level 2 hours (by request) Break-out sessions Security Architecture PIC (Public IM Connectivity) integration Client Archiving Demonstration Architecture guide LCS architecture guide, including customer 8 hours (optional) name and addressing of required user deployment Consulting services Schedule 8 hours work order Deliverables Rate Disclaimers (legal) Total estimated hours 19 hours Deploying for an Enterprise Customer This section provides an estimated schedule for the deployment of a typical Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 SP1 environment for an enterprise organization. (Live Communications Server is primarily intended for organizations with 250 or more desktops.) The sample Live Communications Server deployment is intended to illustrate the primary steps required to deploy Live Communications Server; it is not exhaustive. Use the information outlined within this section as a guide to estimating deployment schedules. The information captured in this section serves only as a baseline for a hypothetical deployment scenario, with the understanding that each customer environment possesses unique business processes and requirements. Therefore, the hours presented here are necessarily estimates. Also note that these estimates assume that the customer has provided the required network permissions or personnel for the deployment of Live Communications Server. The scenario described in this section is based on an enterprise customer who has decided to deploy Live Communications Server for their entire company. The requirements for this customer include the ability to deploy Live Communications Server 2005 with Service Pack 1 and Communicator 2005 to support up to 150,000 users. The customer also wants the following: secure, remote access to the environment, archiving for reporting and compliance purposes, and Public Instant Messaging Connectivity (PIC) integration. In addition, the solution must be highly scalable. Finally, the customer requires that the environment be monitored by their existing Microsoft Operations Manager service. 32 Chapter 2
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