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Planning Your Schedule Based upon the requirements outlined in the previous section, the following table lists the schedule of tasks with estimated hours required to support the deployment scenario presented earlier in this section. The estimated hours listed in the table are based on the assumption that the customer has Microsoft Active Directory deployed. The estimates also assume that the customer either is either willing to grant Enterprise Administrator credentials to the engagement team or provides project sponsors to facilitate changes to DNS, Active Directory, SQL Server, and general Windows Server builds to enable Live Communications Server service within the environment. Timeline Consulting Tasks Details Estimate Hours Customer approval/ If required, customer signature to approve 40 hours 1 hour sign-off details to kick off the engagement Public IM connectivity Completed registration of the Public IM 40 160 hours 2 hours provisioning Connectivity Provisioning System In addition, a valid purchase order from the large account reseller (LAR) needs to be received by Microsoft Corporation prior to the entry on the provisioning page being successful. Equipment order Ordering of Live Communications Server 120 160 hours 1 hour equipment (depends on vendor) Ordering digital Request of digital certificates to apply to 40 hours 1 hour certificates LCS Access Proxy and Standard Edition Servers Required certificates: LCS Access Proxy External Edge LCS Access Proxy Internal Edge LCS Enterprise Edition Pool Servers LCS Enterprise Edition Director Server Trusted Root Certificate for Clients Configuring Rack and mounting of servers 80 hours 80 hours equipment Operating system load IP address configuration Security baseline (if required) 34 Chapter 2
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