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Setting Down Requirements The following table outlines the requirements set forth by the customer within the scenario described in the overview of this section: Features Recommended LCS Software Recommended Configuration Support for Live Communications Server LCS Servers running on Windows 150,000 users 2005 SP1, Enterprise Edition Server 2003, Enterprise Edition Live Communications Server Active Directory Domain Controller 2005 SP1, Enterprise Edition and Global Catalog Server running on Director to provide further Windows 2000 Server with Service separation of LCS Servers Pack 4 (minimum, preferred Windows from the external network Server 2003) located within the Forest root Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with Service Pack 3a (minimum) High availability Live Communications Server, Hardware Load Balancer sitting in and fail-over Enterprise Edition Pool front of two LCS Enterprise Edition Pool Servers Microsoft SQL Server clustering (active/passive) for LCS Back-End Servers PIC (Public IM Live Communications Server TLS Port 5061 enabled Connectivity) 2005 SP1, Standard Edition integration Access Proxy to provide PIC TCP Port 5060 enabled integration VeriSign Public Certificate Authority to issue server and client trusted root certificates LCS Access Proxy running on Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition configured within a workgroup Instant Messaging Live Communications Server Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with Archiving 2005 SP1 IM Archiving Service Service Pack 3a (minimum) Microsoft Message Queue service (MSMQ) running on LCS Front-End Pool Servers LCS Environment Live Communications Server Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Monitoring 2005 SP1 Microsoft Operations Manager Pack 33 Live Communications Server 2005 SP1 in the Enterprise
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