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Although the diagram depicted in Figure 1-17 showcases integration with the three most popular Instant Messaging applications, the Live Communications Server service can integrate with other provisioned public Instant Messaging services as long as the services provide a proxy that allows Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based communications. Once enabled, users have the ability to add PIC contacts to their Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 client and are ready for instant communication, as depicted in Figure 1-18. Figure 1-18 Another noteworthy aspect regarding communication between LCS and PIC contacts is that when a contact s status changes in Communicator 2005, it is displayed in whatever way the public Instant Messaging client application is set to display the contact s status. For example, when a contact s presence status is set to Away in Communicator 2005, the presence status for this individual is listed as Stepped Out in Yahoo Messenger. All in all, the PIC service within LCS enables greater reach without sacrificing the security of enterprise data. 27 Introducing Microsoft Unified Communications
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