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Figure 1-16 Public Instant Messaging Connectivity Integration One of the most exciting and most anticipated features of Live Communications Server 2005 SP1 is the Public Instant Messaging Connectivity (PIC) service. With PIC, LCS users have the ability to add and contact users of a public network from their Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 client. These conversations are then secured using Mutual Transport Layer Security (MTLS). Figure 1-17 shows a diagram depicting the PIC architecture for external connectivity to public Instant Messaging applications, including Yahoo, AOL, and MSN, over a secured MTLS connection. Figure 1-17 MTLS MTLS MTLS TLS LCS Client LCS Client TLS LCS 2005 Access Proxy msn LCS 2005 Enterprise A TLS LCS 2005 Access Proxy SIP Proxy TLS SIP Proxy Y ! Y ! Y ! Y ! AOL.Instant Messenger MESSENGER 26 Chapter 1
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