Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 utilizes these SIP methods

Figure 1-9 MTLS Live Communications Server also uses Mutual Transport Layer Security (MTLS) to configure a trust between Live Communications Server servers. A server certificate is applied within the Live Communications Server console to enable a MTLS connection from one Live Communications Server to another with an Extended Key Usage (EKU) setting of Server Authentication. MTLS is also used to provide secure connectivity to the public Instant Messaging networks, which include Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. Active Directory INTERNAL ACCESS Resources Business Unit AD Groups LCS Access Proxy LCS Director LCS Remote Access via TLS LCS Internal Access via TLS Load Balancer LCS Enterprise Edition Pool Servers LCS Back-End SQL Servers LCS IM Archiving Server Enterprise CA Global Catalog Server Business Unit AD Users Certificate Certificate Certificate Certificate Certificate Certificate MTLS MTLS CLUSTERED MTLS EXTERNAL ACCESS $ TLS TLS IM Archiving Agent 21 Introducing Microsoft Unified Communications
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