Introducing Session Initiation Protocol Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

SIP Method Method Description INFO The INFO method is used to notify a SIP client about information regarding the contact or contacts with whom a specific contact is initiating a message. For example, in LCS, when a Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 client is Instant Messaging another user, the INFO method is used to indicate whether the other contact is typing a message. The INFO method is also used with 3PCC gateways that allow you to control and view events for your desktop phone. These INFO messages send commands to the PBX and are used to receive events from the PBX. INVITE This method initiates a SIP message, including the identifying information for each SIP client as well as the type of message that is to be exchanged (Instant Message, Collaboration, etc.). The INVITE method initiates all sessions and is the root method for SIP. MESSAGE The MESSAGE method is used for SIP Instant Messaging sessions. The MESSAGE method contains the actual text message body that one contact sends to another. NEGOTIATE The NEGOTIATE method is used to implement settings such as message compression. When used, this is the first SIP message that servers will exchange after TLS negotiation has completed and before user-level SIP data is exchanged. NOTIFY SIP clients receive a NOTIFY method response when a SUBSCRIBE event occurs. An example of the NOTIFY method in LCS is when a Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 client receives a notification that they have been added to a contact list. OPTIONS The OPTIONS method is used by a SIP client to determine which features have been enabled by the SIP service or other SIP-compliant devices. Regarding Live Communications Server, the Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 client will verify the options available for a contact to use during messaging sessions. REFER The SIP REFER method is more commonly known in the VoIP world for forwarding calls. Within Microsoft Office Communicator 2005, you can forward incoming calls to a mobile phone using the REFER method. REGISTER The REGISTER method is used to sign users in using their assigned SIP URI. SERVICE SIP uses the SERVICE method to add or search for contacts. The SERVICE method uses Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to carry these data transactions. Remember that the Live Communications Server Back-End Server will receive data when a user adds a contact to his or her contacts list or changes other client settings, so the SERVICE method needs to use a messaging protocol that is transaction-based in order to do this, i.e., SOAP. SUBSCRIBE SIP clients use the SUBSCRIBE method to subscribe to specific events, including presence status and contact settings such as the allow and block profiles. It also enables clients to be added to contact lists and groups. 18 Chapter 1
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